Common Types of Koi Pond Damage and Wear


There are various causes of common types of koi pond damage and wear. Some of the main ones include, poor environmental and weather conditions, lack of proper koi pond care, poor installation of components and parts, inappropriate use of koi pond equipment among others. In order to find the best solutions to all the common types of koi pond damage and wear, it is important that you begin by identifying the hitches.

By knowing the problems, it can be much easier to sort them out. In fact, you might find out that there are some common koi pond hitches that can be effectively solved with basic DIY skills. However, it is always advisable that you talk to a professional whenever your koi pond is experiencing a problem for the ultimate solutions. Remember, trying to work on the issue individually could sometimes impact even much greater risks and complications.

The following are some of the most common types of koi pond damage and wear and, instructions on how to solve them;

Elevated PH levels

Typically, the recommended PH levels for a koi pond should range between 6.8 and 8.2. However, 7.0 to 7.5 is the most suitable PH level that you should try to maintain on your pond. Based on the prevailing atmospheric and environmental conditions, there may be slight fluctuations or increase. But, the greatest concern comes in when the PH levels rise above the recommended range. This usually attracts bacteria that could also make the pond toxic for the survival of your fish and plants.

The best way to maintain the required PH levels in your pond is by checking and testing the pond water regularly. Depending on the results of the inspection, PH levels can be adjusted using recommended solutions or buffers.

Excess growth of algae in and around the pond

This is another common sign of koi pond damage and wear that requires immediate attention in order to preserve the health and appeal of the pond. Excessive algae growth can prevent your aquatic plants from flourishing. Besides, they will also hinder proper visibility for the fish. A koi pond that is covered in algae is also a significant environmental risk.

There are various options for dealing with excess growth of algae in koi ponds. One of them is tinting the pond water. This covers the water, preventing the algae from getting the required sunlight for growth. Another option is adding salt into the pond water. However, this should only be done if the salt cannot harm other plants in the pond.

Koi Pond equipment malfunction or breakdown

Koi ponds usually have a wide range of components and features including, pumps, filters and filtration systems, skimmers, lighting among others. Even with proper installation, use and maintenance, koi pond equipment succumb to breakdown or malfunction over time. Whether the hitch is impacted by a known cause or ageing of the equipment, a replacement, repair or upgrade can be done in order for the pond to function as desired.

Whenever one or more components or equipment of your koi pond is experiencing a malfunction, the best option for a solution is through professional koi pond repair, maintenance, and replacement or refurbishment services. Through an expert, the equipment will be properly inspected for proper diagnosis and solution to the problem.

Low Oxygen Levels

A koi pond with low level of oxygen can be threatening to your fish and should always be sorted out immediately when detected. In fact, it is one of the key reasons behind deaths of koi pond fish. However, it is too sad that this hitch is not very easy to detect and most koi pond owners only realize of it whenever the fish start dying. There are a couple of avenues that you can pursue to maintain better circulation of oxygen in your pond.

You can add air stones or more aquatic plants in the pond. In case your pond does not have fountains or waterfalls, it would be advisable to add just a small one or a few of them. This will enhance the beauty of the pond and, also ensure that your fish have enough oxygen.

The Best Way to Solve Common Types of Koi Pond Damage and Wear

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