Koi Pond Skimmer


A skimmer is an important equipment that every koi pond should have. It is mainly ideal in mechanical filtration and, works by trapping debris and dirt particles as water is pumped through into the pond. Although most people usually ignore installing koi pond skimmers when building the facilities, it is a basic component of the pond that should always be included to preserve the water balance and general hygiene of the pond.

In case you are constructing a new koi pond, it is always advisable to choose one or two for the facility. For those who have ponds that are already up and running but, lack skimmers, we can also deliver and install the equipment for you. Koi pond skimmers are placed on the water surface to trap debris and other unwanted floating materials. The equipment is designed with filters and baskets for collecting wastes, which should be emptied and cleaned as soon as they are packed.

The choice and placement of a koi pond skimmer will determine its effectiveness in capturing debris and waste. And, this means, you should not just use any skimmer on your pond. For small sized ponds, just one skimmer can be enough but, those that are relatively larger in size can sometimes need two or more skimmers. The equipment can be installed anywhere provided, it is strategic to the flow of water for easy movement of debris into the baskets.

If you are using a submersible pump in your koi pond, you can also opt to install the skimmer within the same system. By including the koi pond pump and skimmer is one unit, it will be much easier for the debris to be moved into the filters and basket. With this, even koi pond cleaning will be made much easier. However, you should always choose a koi pond skimmer that is compatible with the particular pump size that you have on your pond.


Features of Our Koi Pond Skimmers

At Koi Pond Singapore, we offer a wide range of koi pond skimmers that you can choose from based on the design and size of your pond as well as other components. These equipment are enhanced with a myriad features for reliability and efficiency when it comes to koi pond cleaning. The following are the main features of our koi pond skimmers;

Long lasting

The skimmers that we offer are manufactured to the best standards that can deliver greater performance over time. These equipment can effectively work in varying weather conditions and pond sizes without developing any hitch. If installed and used appropriately, these skimmers can serve your pond for quite a long time without the need for constant maintenance or upgrade.

Compatible with various koi pond pump sizes

In order to maintain proper water balance and hygiene in the pond, skimmers should always have the same flow rate as the water pump. As a result of this, we offer diverse koi pond skimmer models that can effectively work with several koi pond pump sizes. This means that even if you may need to change your pump in future, the skimmers can still be effective.

Easy to install and clean

Our koi pond skimmers are also designed on the basis of convenience. With just a little DIY information, you can easily install the equipment all by yourself. In fact, the skimmers can be placed just anywhere on the surface of your pond. Besides, the equipment is also very easy to empty whenever the basket is full, hence giving you an ample time during koi pond cleaning.

There are several other features of koi pond skimmers that you can also enjoy while using them. However, the ones above apply to all the models and brands of koi pond skimmers that we offer. In case you may have problems in choosing a skimmer based on the features, our experts can always offer assistance. Besides purchasing the skimmer, you can also hire our engineers for equipment replacement services. On the other hand, we also offer professional koi pond equipment repair/ maintenance and refurbishment services.

Whether you are constructing a new koi pond, upgrading an existing one or experiencing problems with the skimmers, we can always deliver the best quality equipment for your koi pond. Our experts can also advise you on general koi pond care for better performance and longevity.

The Best Koi Pond Skimmer Singapore

For the best quality and affordable koi pond skimmer Singapore, do not hesitate to talk to us. We can always deliver the right skimmer for the particular design or size of your koi pond and budget.